<VV> Assembly Line screw-ups

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Back in the early 60's I worked on an engine assembly line at Ford Motor Co. 
One day they kept all the workers on the line after shift working hours and 
rolled in a dozen or so engines that failed when they test ran them at the 
end of the line (some with dramatic failures)!  Of course the company was 
blaming the workers but as it turned out the defective engines were to be 
sidetracked to a repair line but the switching mechanism on the assembly 
line failed allowing some of the engines to go to the end of the line 
creating a real mess when they were started.  The workers were not to blame. 
I will never forget some of those mangled engines (rod bolts not fastened 

Dennis Dorogi

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> While I do not remember who told me this story or when it was, The 
> Greatest
> Assembly Line Screw-up I've ever heard about follows.
> This young man ordered a Firebird.  On the way home from the dealer, he
> noticed the interior emblems and such said Camaro.  Turned around and went
> back to the dealer, who ended up replacing the interior.
> Me?  I would have kept the car as a collector's item.
> What also bemuses me is the idea that for every mismatch we've heard 
> about,
> there was probably another one in front of or behind the car we know about
> with the opposite screw-up.
> Back then, assembly line workers were not paid to think or pay attention.
> They attached the next part off the rack onto the next car on the line. 
> Was
> it ever done on purpose? Most likely.
> Today, I think they can stop the line if something is wrong like wrong
> parts.   Since the scheduling of parts to the line is  computerized, there
> are probably fewer miss-match screw-ups.   At least I hope so!!!
> Historically Yours,
>                           James
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