<VV> clutch chattering

RICHARD rbeth at comcast.net
Mon Jan 19 11:40:05 EST 2015

I have 63 Corvair that has clutch that slips on a hard pull. I also have leaking seals from 
either the Engine or Trans. Think oil got on the clutch plate and that is what's making 
the clutch slip. The clutch also chatters when engaged. 
The clutch pressure plate flywheel(Bolted) has been replaced when the motor was 
overhauled 40 thousand miles ago 
Also a harmonic 
balancer was installed.Some one told me that the rear motor mount 
was broken. Will the broken rear motor mount make the clutch chatter. Also if a 
harmonic balancer is put on a 63 does the rear motor mount have to be for a 64 

Thanks for the input 

Richard Bethard 
1963 Corvair Conv 
rbeth at comcast.net 
703 987 5879 

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