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If you need to find the actual TDC for a motor, and you have no indicator  
on the pulley/balancer, the easiest way to be exactly right is to remove  
the #1 plug, ground the coil wire so nothing will fire, put your finger into 
the  spark plug hole (gently) crank the motor until the compression blows 
your finger  loose from the plug hole. Stop cranking. Now look down the hole 
and check the  top of the piston as you turn the motor backwards with a 
wrench. If the piston  is going down, you stopped it before TDC. Keep turning it 
backwards for a  quarter turn.  Now take a conveniently bought long 14mm bolt 
(One with  threads about 1.5" long) and screw it into the spark plug hole, 
in  place of the plug. Let it stick well into the chamber, maybe to the end 
of the  threads on the bolt, but stop if you hit the piston. With the bolt 
tight,  turn the crank forward gently (with a wrench) until the piston snugs 
up  against the bolt. Make a mark at the point on the pulley/balancer that 
is  opposite the timing mark (0) on the rear cover.  Now - again with a 
wrench  - turn the engine backwards until the piston has gone all the way down 
and back  up again and touches the bolt snugly. Make another mark on the 
balancer/pulley  opposite the timing mark (0) on the rear cover. Now remove the 
bolt, reinstall  the spark plug and the plug wire. The point on the pulley in 
the middle  of the two marks on the pulley/balancer is your exact TDC for 
cylinders 1  or 2 (both are at TDC at the same time). Use a tape measure or 
ruler to measure  it, split the difference, and add a permanent indicator on 
the pulley/balancer. 
It is actually easier than it sounds. - Seth Emerson
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Matt  that may be easier said than done, in a rampside I think you would 
have to  drop the engine to even get to it, when we were turning the 
crankshaft I took  the oil filter off so I could get to the bolt.  Rick Norris came 
over  with another pulley and we were going to do that but had second  
thoughts.  I just pointed the roter button at # 1 and adjusted 6 valves  then 
pointed the button at number 2 and adjusted the other 6.  Must have  been close 
because it started.   Thanks
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