<VV> Drive In movie experience

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Awww, I'd say that I feel sorry for you - but you've got all those pretty 
mountains to look at.  So I don't.
Later, JR

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>I believe the closest 1 to us would be about 125 miles away in Monte Vista 
>Colorado. But the one we had in Durango (they paved paradise and put up a 
>parking lot- for a car dealership) still has the old sign there. Why I 
>don't know. In Azusa California (where I grew up) we had the Foothill Drive 
>In/Sunday swap meet. For the last 30+ years it is now condos, apartments, 
>town homes. The land was just too valuable. It used to be fun.
> Timothy Shortle in Durango Colorado 81301

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