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I've not been to all the Conventions that my old friend Smitty has---but the 
2nd one I went to in 99---same thing happened----CORVANATICS wouldn't get 
their dead asses out of the room.  Uncalled for, uncharitable, and V V 
meeting was too late.
The years I was V V Chairman  and was at the Convention 02 and 03---I fought 
with the planners to make sure V V meeting would not be hampered by any 
other meeting, and we could stay in the room, talk and pop a few tops.   06 
in Buffalo they scheduled the cruise on the Miss Buffalo at the same time as 
the V V meeting.  Another of the endless mess-ups at that meet.  But I sure 
don't blame the  V V people who went on the Miss Buffalo cruise.  It's a 
nice ship and a very pleasant way to spend a summer's evening, esp. consider 
those staying @ the hotel has insufficient A/C the whole week.

Don't even know where the convention will be next year, but if you want a 
good V V meeting----The Chairman or someone he appoints has to bird-dog the 
committee hosting to get the proper time and room assignment, or  V V will 
end up with the end of the stick with the dung.    Smitty's 
right---Navy/Marine Corps-Speak would have said things so much better.


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.  One large complaint that I feel the planners should fix because it has 
happened several times.  The Scheduled VV meeting was after one of the other 
groups and they group acted like they we
re the only group of any value.  They held the floor and did not yield until 
time for the VV group had just about expired.   Like most of us we spend the 
year communicating and learning the interests of others.  We look forward to 
the meeting so we can put faces on names.  We go to the convention and do 
make contact with some but many more are elsewhere.  I look forward to the 
meetings.  If they do schedule a meeting it is tacked on late in the evening 
as though it were an afterthought.  When some do come they find someone else 
has the floor so they just drift away.  I have heard it said many times that 
CORSA is people.  I for one want to meet the people I spend a year talking 
to.  With a 31 year career in the Navy behind me, the planners are indeed 
fortunate that I am forbidden from expressing myself in my native language.

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