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Rick, one thing that has happened as we have added more gears to keep
engine rpms lower, we also improved the induction, exhaust, and changed cam
profiles and timing.
Our engines are designed to run higher rpms to keep them in the most
efficient power bands for the engine design that also protect internal
components so they survive.
Today's engines are nothing like the engines of the 60's and while that new
4 cylinder car with 170 HP runs down the freeway at 1800 rpms and has
plenty of torque if you do that with a Corvair you will destroy it..
Mark Durham
Hauser Idaho
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> Please forgive me if this subject has been covered, I've been off the list
> for 15 years.
> Has anyone come up with an AFFORDABLE way to put a 5 speed in a vair.
> I've seen the T-5 conversion and it seem to be reasonably affordable, but
> VERY hard
> to find. I'm seeing conflicting data concerning ease of installation and
> functionality.
> Porsche tranxaxle: too expensive. Has anyone done a Subaru transaxle?
> Seems to me since our engines turn the "wrong way" that when turned around
> backwards, it should (on paper) work. There also seems to be a very active
> aftermarket with
> reverse rotation parts for the transaxles in the event they were
> necessary. The
> Dr. Frankenstein in me would love to adapt the entire AWD setup into a
> vair, but
> of course it must retain the proper engine in the proper location. This
> fevered dream
> has been festering in my brain for years and I just needed to see if
> anybody else
> had similar thoughts. I'd appreciate any input pro or con.
> Thanks Rick (vair694800)
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