<VV> Corsa Communiques

Robert Marlow, Vairtec Corporation vairtec at optimum.net
Thu Apr 28 18:59:21 EDT 2016

I'd take 'em, but I'm in NJ.  Someone local will grab 'em.


What's the difference between a buttload and a big ol' buttload?

On 4/28/2016 6:14 PM, Tim Abney via VirtualVairs wrote:
> I have a big ol' buttload of Corsa Communiques, Quarterlies and other
> publications from
> CORSA. All the way back to the beginning.
> Many years worth... Meanin' a bunch.
> Whoever want 'em can have 'em. Come get 'em in San Berdoo.
> I also have a buttload of Cars and Parts magazines and Eastriders.
> Same deal
> 909-886-2244

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