<VV> 4X1 Carb heads for sale

N2VZD at aol.com N2VZD at aol.com
Thu Dec 29 14:28:07 EST 2016

These heads started out as late 110HP heads, were reworked and 2 more carb  
mounts added in the same direction as primary carbs.  The setup runs very  
good . I had a stock 304 cam and .060 pistons etc , with dual exhausts.
The bonus with this setup is all stock 140 fuel lines , choke rods , and  
aircleaners will fit. I suppose if you are a racer , you would rather have 
the  carbs at right angles to stock , like the C8607 kit. For street this kit 
gives  you  @40% HP increase (according to the books). I had it on the rampy 
for a  while , but never came up with an air cleaner that fit or was any 
good. Since my  main rides are the Rampside , Lakewood , and A/C coupe , I 
would rather not mess  with it any more. I have over $600 invested in the heads 
alone. I would like to  sell them for $500 with linkage (either FC 4X1 or 
car ) and other extra parts  you need including a set of head gaskets. I try 
to describe as accurately as  possible , so you do not have any surprises. 
Shipping would be in 2 packages ,  and probably over $50 to most places.  I 
prefer PO money orders for payment  , protects both of us..  (315)689-3366 
days, evenings by appointment , I am  tied up on Ham radio nets  several nites 
for at least 1 hour.
Questions? best to Email me , or Email before a phone call to make sure I  
will be near the phone. 
Regards, and happy new year , Tim Colson  Memphis NY near Syracuse  exit 39 
n2vzd at aol.com

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