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The toothed belt also known as a Serated belt has been refered to by Larry Claypool as one you should not use (I don't kno why)
I replace my belt every 2 years and use the Clarks belt just because I don't want my Corvair to break one. As a matter of fact I remember the last belt I broke, after midnight, more than 100 miles from home, at least 30 miles from the nearest city and it was raining. The only good thing that evening, when the belt broke it hit the engine cover with an audible thump. I don't always see the "alt" light go on right away.

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>>Another topic.  While messing around in my garage last week I found a tool
>bag I use to carry when I was autocrossing.  In it were 3 Corvair fan belts.
>They are at least 10 years old, loose and fully uncoiled in the canvas bag.
>One is a toothed belt, the other two are not.  Never been used.  Anybody
>have a SWAG on their life expectancy or usefulness today?   Keep or pitch?  
>Historically Yours,
>		James Rice
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