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Sun Jan 3 23:29:00 EST 2016

Hi James, Hope that you are well and prosperous this new year.
As for old fan belts, my suggestion as to the expected life expectancy is a 
 guess and golly this way, Take any old belt between your thumb and 
forefinger  and press it into a small circle of about 2 inches diam.. Note the 
amount to  force (effort) to do so. Then do the same with a new belt. Compare 
there two  forces. Also note the belt's reaction. A new belt will do all of 
this easily  with little effort. Old belts will take a lot of effort and will 
complain by  cracking sounds. You need to do this to several old belts to 
get a feel but I  have been quite successful in eliminating old belts that I'm 
sure would soon  fail and to keep the still usable ones.
Bob Helt
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Another  topic.  While messing around in my garage last week I found a tool
bag  I use to carry when I was autocrossing.  In it were 3 Corvair fan  
They are at least 10 years old, loose and fully uncoiled in the  canvas bag.
One is a toothed belt, the other two are not.  Never been  used.  Anybody
have a SWAG on their life expectancy or usefulness  today?   Keep or pitch? 


Historically  Yours,
James  Rice

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