<VV> Water ingress

hugo at aruncoaches.co.uk hugo at aruncoaches.co.uk
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### The plot thickens - I took the front cowl panel off and all the 
holes under it had been blanked off with bits of stiff plastic sheet 
held on with silicone sealer. I ripped them off & played the hose on 
that area, and water is sort of dribbling out of the front of the rocker 
panels. Doesn't look nearly enough flow to me for a drain hole though. I 
tried to get a knife blade up there but it didn't want to play. I'll try 
with an air line tomorrow - if that doesn't work I guess I'd be best off 
drilling a hole up into the rocker panel where the drain is? The car is 
facing downhill on my drive at the moment, so after I've sorted the 
front end out I'll turn the car round & focus on the rear.

On 2017-08-03 14:29, jim bannister wrote:
> The folks at GM knew the rockers would get wet, so they are made of
> galvanized material in an attempt to hold corrosion in check.  These
> things were not designed to last forever.
> jim
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> ### That's an interesting design feature - I would have thought
> they'd want to keep the rocker panels dry to stop them rotting out - 
> I
> guess they're designed not to trap water though.
> I will certainly go right through them from front to back - but the
> only thing puzzling me at the moment is that the car has been sitting
> on my drive, facing slightly down-hill, for a couple of weeks. It
> hasn't moved, so the water must be coming in from the back & running
> forwards.
> Anyway I'll check it all out & see what I can find - thanks for your 
> help.
> On 2017-08-03 00:18, jim bannister wrote:
>> The rocker panels are actually hollow and serve as drains for the 
>> cowl
>> vent.
>> If they are plugged with composted leaves etc., the water can back 
>> up
>> and enter the cabin via the foot-well vents.  Best way to solve this
>> is to remove each vent and ram a hose with water running down the
>> rocker to flush out the gathered crud.  It exits just in front of 
>> the
>> rear wheel.
>> When they
>> are free flowing, the airflow from the cowl vent helps keep them dry
>> and rust free.
>> Jim
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>> New member here (refugee from the UK!) restoring a couple of '64
>> convertibles in Central Florida. I just cleaned up the floor pans &
>> treated them then painted with POR 15. I kept finding little pools 
>> of
>> water on the floor while I was working on it. We've had a lot of 
>> rain
>> here in Florida & I just assumed it was a leaking roof seal. But it
>> seems to be coming in the heater outlet on the sides of the floor - 
>> in
>> what we in England call the sills. Doesn't seem to be coming under 
>> the
>> back seat, so where would it be starting its travels? That explains
>> why the carpets were staying damp & had made the front floor pans
>> rusty.
>> Rest of the body is absolutely sound and original though - it's a
>> Nevada car. Thanks - Hugo Miller
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