<VV> Need some information to help fix a problem with my 65Monza PG

Jay Maechtlen jaysplace at laserpubs.com
Thu Aug 24 01:59:57 EDT 2017

For automatics in general, you drain whatever will come out. Probably 
not much advantage to warm it up first.
You should drop the trans pan, and clean it, and clean or replace the 
- yes, you need a new gasket, and yes you check the pan for 
straightness, etc. Straighten it anywhere the bolts have deformed it.
You refill by adding up to the dipstick, then starting the motor and 
letting it run at idle in N.
Add until it stays up to the F mark (or near) after putting it in D, R, 
back to N a few times with motor running.

On 8/22/2017 7:34 AM, Joel McGregor via VirtualVairs wrote:
> Not on an automatic transmission.  What would be the correct amount?  How long do you let it drain and at what temperature?  Do you remove the filter when draining?  It always seems like more comes out when you do.
> Joel McGregor

Jay Maechtlen

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