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James Cuneo jamescuneo at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 3 21:43:46 EST 2017

For you Alignment pros,

After rebuilding front suspension with all new parts  including their hd springs from Clarks, I took it to be aligned today. The technician called me out to show me that the strut rod nuts were bottomed on the threads before the desired caster angle had been achieved. Effectively he had shortened them as far as they would go. I had requested +4 deg. The most he could get was + 1.9 deg. I thought that he was adjusting the rod in the wrong direction but the computer definitely showed increasing caster angle with shortening of the rod. This is contrary to what I understand about caster and the chassis manual as well. Also, at this caster angle he could not get the toe close to correct, the sleeves bottomed on the tie rod ends. So, he backed off the caster until he could get  the toe in close. The final numbers are camber .8 deg. caster .3 deg and toe in .32 total.

Alignment rig is a Hunter brand laser digital.

Car drives straight and does not track on grooves like it did before

Steering effort is lighter than before indicating less caster.

Not sure but, I think somethings not right?

Jim C. 1965 Corsa

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