<VV> Lisa won't start.

Ignacio Valdes ivaldes at hal-pc.org
Sat Feb 25 00:32:40 EST 2017

So running a wire from the red battery terminal to the purple wire
connector on the solenoid resulted in Lisa starting right up. I couldn't
see in the dark that the black plastic connector in the engine bay had
slipped out. I put it back together and Lisa is back in business! Thanks
all for the replies and help.

On Mon, Feb 13, 2017 at 9:00 PM, Ignacio Valdes <ivaldes at hal-pc.org> wrote:

> Hi, Lisa wouldn't start in the parking lot at work today. Battery appears
> good, lights turn on bright. Lights were not left on. Starter does nothing.
> I had to abandon her overnight, I will return tomorrow. Almost certainly a
> bad connection but where? What can I do to get her started? What could it
> be? What tools and such should I bring to get her started again? -- IV

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