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THANK YOU, Alan Lacki.
A great rundown on our new services. All people mentioned sound like  
Professionals and experts in their field. You and the BoD are to be  
congratulated for your hard work and excellent choices. I hope that we can  afford them.
Congratulations and HOORAY.
Bob Helt
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Hi Bob  Helt,

You inquired about the background and qualifications of our new  staff.  
They will take over from Harry and Mike on January 1, 2018.   Here is some 
information about them.

Business Services.    

Our new business services contractor is PRB eMedia Solutions, LLC,  which 
consists of Paul and Ramona Bergstrom of Maple Plain, Minnesota.   Paul will 
be our new Executive Secretary and Ramona will be his  assistant.  Paul has 
eight years experience as Club Office Manager and  Website / Internet Forum 
Manager for the Pontiac-Oakland Club International  (POCI).  He also worked 
for one year as the Commercial Advertising  Manager for the Oldsmobile Club 
of America; 3 years as the Commercial  Advertising Manager for the National 
Impala Association; and several years as  editor of PrixViews, a bi-monthly 
publication of POCI's Grand Prix  Chapter.  Ramona has been there along with 
him, having provided eight  years of club office support for POCI.

Publication  Services.

Our new publication services contractor is Keefe Media  International, 
which consists of Don Keefe and Anna Haines of Palm Harbor,  Florida.  Don will 
be our new Executive Editor and Anna will be his  assistant.  Don has two 
years experience as Founding Editor-in-Chief of  Poncho Perfection Magazine, a 
64-page monthly, commercial magazine devoted to  Pontiacs.  He designed the 
magazine from scratch and produces both  printed and digital versions of 
the magazine.  Don also has nine years of  experience as Editor-in-Chief and 
Creative Dirctor of POCI's Smoke Signals  magazine, a 100-page monthly club 
publication.  In addition, he remains  Creative Director of National Impala 
Association's Impala News, a 36-page  quarterly club periodical. These are 
just a few of the positions he has held  in the world of journalism.  Anna 
Haines has been there along with him  for the past two years, serving as proof 
reader and copy editor.  In  addition, she has several years experience as 
an English teache
r and  ho
lds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English literature.

Social  Media.

Our new social media contractor is Dr. Steve Spilatro of  Marietta, Ohio.   
He will be doing business with us as VairFare,  LLC.   He is the webmaster 
for Corvanatics and the Marietta Natural  History Society.  He has also 
developed web-based pedagogical sites and  software for molecular and biological 
modeling with online quizes.  In  addition to his experience with web-based 
systems, he remains Professor of  Biology and Environmental Science at 
Marietta College, a position he has held  since 1988 and where he has been 
accorded numerous grants and  awards.

Convention Services.

Harry Jensen of Management  & Publications Services, Inc. will remain on 
board for the next two years  as our Convention Services contractor.   Harry's 
qualifications are  well known to all of us and his vast knowledge of CORSA 
business methods will  be a great resource for us.

The Selection Process.

Our  process for selecting these people was both formal, rigorous, and 
subject to  attorney review.  Using the existing M&P contract as a starting  
point, we developed specific lists of products and services expected of each  
contractor.  Then, we developed a standard form of agreement (contract)  with 
all the terms and conditions for doing business with CORSA.  The  product 
and service lists as well as the form of agreement were attached to a  
five-page request for proposals, which was made available last September  through 
ZipRecruiter, all the major Corvair discussion boards, as well as the  CORSA 
Communique.   More than 100 people asked for copies of the bid  packages 
and several bids were received.  Ken Hand, Mike Hall and I  evaluated the top 
nine bids to make the final choices.   Since then,  all the contracts have 
been signed.  We're ready to go.

Former  CORSA President Ken Hand and Norm Witte, Esq. initiated this 
process and our  thanks go out to them.  Mike Hall and the rest of the Board were 
deeply  involved in the preparation of the RFPs, the standard form of 
agreement and  evaluation of the bids.   All said, countless hours were spent on  
this effort and we did the best that we could.  

Allan  Lacki
redbat01 at verizon.net

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