<VV> Grandson Wants A Corvair

Brian bmoneill at juno.com
Fri Jun 16 19:30:45 EDT 2017

My youngest grandson was entering his junior year at Clemson University in South Carolina just told me he wants the buyer Corvair.  I guess all those years of going to the national convention has finally had an effect on him.  He lives in Columbia, South Carolina and has been looking at local ads for Corvairs.  Today he sent me a link for an ad on the Greenville, South Carolina Craigcoupe's list for a 1964.is being sold by a local Chevy dealership and personally I think the price is a little high but who knows.  If it's in great condition.  It might be worth it.  Is there anybody out there near Greenville, South Carolina, who would be kind enough to check out this car?
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