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Wed Jun 21 21:19:00 EDT 2017

All good vehicles to consider, and not actually too pricey, relatively  
Subaru is a great vehicle, lasts a long time, and has probably the best  
resale of the group.  Safe too.
Chevy Equinox is rated well, have a sister who has had a couple and really  
likes them.  I happen to be a diesel fan, I like the torque and mileage,  
and Equinox will have a small diesel that will get 40 plus mpg.
Kia makes a good vehicle, pretty reliable, nice features, although some  
things are a bit cheap in them.  Still, pretty reliable and a good  value.  
Check with Kia, our local Kia dealer doubles the factory  warranty to 10 years 
and 200,000 miles.  That has to be worth  something...
Good luck. 
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virtualvairs at corvair.org writes:

My wife  has a CRV too and loves it.  It's actually her third CRV (the 
first  was a 2000) and she will probably stick with them forever.   --J.B.

JPOPINSKI3--- via VirtualVairs wrote:
> Add the Honda CR-V  to your list.  Just bought one for my wife and she  
>  loves it. I do too!  Easy to get in and out of, lots of room,  drives  
> has a 1.5L turbo (200HP), get 25+ MPG in town and  35 on hwy.  We  looked 
> those you listed plus the  Outback.  Decided on CR-V for price and
> reputation.  Get the  Touring AWD model with all the electronics.  We  
paid around
>  $33K for it.
> Joe
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> virtualvairs at corvair.org  writes:
> The MRS  is in need of a new vehicle before  winter. At 57, other than my
> 2000 Harley,  this will be my first  new vehicle.
> We are looking at AWD vehicles;  Chevy,  Honda, KIA, Nissan, Subaru, 
> NO Trucks.
> *  Something very  reliable (We plan on keeping it until it falls  apart)
> * Easy to get in and  out of (Something NOT to high or to  low)
> * Does not cost a lot to maintain  when it comes to regular  services
> * Does not cost an arm and a leg to   purchase
> What do you have?
> So far we like  the:
> Subaru  Forster
> Chevy Equinox
> KIA  Sportage

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