<VV> Independence Corsa Convention report

Owen Strawn owenstrawn at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 29 10:29:11 EDT 2017

I took a day trip to Independence for the Corsa Convention yesterday. Excellent turnout, well organized, and really nice facilities. Kudos to HACOA!
I got there just in time to admire the gorgeous cars at the concours (including two Yenko Stingers & a Fitch Sprint). I followed Terry Kalp around for a bit while he was taking pictures and said "Hi" to Christy Barden 228 who was busy judging. Afterwards Christy invited me to join him for lunch and we had a nice chat. For those who don't know him, Christy was the founder of Group UltraVan (chapter 002), published the Whales on Wheels newsletter for over 18 years, and has owned his iconic orange/yellow/brown/red UltraVan #228 since 1973!
In the vendor room Seth Emerson spent the time to answer all my dumb questions about whether his new electronic distributor would work with my Safeguard knock controller. Very nice guy, he about convinced me that I need this $200 upgrade for UV500. Now I just need somebody to convince me about one of the fuel injections setups and I will be good to go...
Mike Dawson's Rochester carb tech session was standing-room only, but I have to admit that it was almost entirely over my head. It looked like the handouts will help but I haven't had a chance to study them yet.
The UVMCC chapter 006 meeting was attended by several UVers I hadn't met before (Jerry Mello 333, Ken & Beth Hand 398, John Nickel & Barb Mee 452), and two that I had (Christy Barden 228, Phil Domser 535). I saw Gary & Mary Baxter 544 at the concours but they weren't at the meeting. There were also several interested non/future owners present, but I don't think we got a list of names.
Afterwards Jerry was kind enough to show me his coach, he has done some fantastic work!
- 4-wheel Wilwood disk brakes (the parking brake cables fit without any modification!)- front & rear RideTech coilovers- Silverado steering rack with adjustable Saturn electronic booster- the most thoroughly insulated roof I've ever heard of- dual alternators driving completely separate 12v systems- one battery in back and one under each front seat- leather swivel/reclining/heated captain's chairs- front turn signals integrated into halogen headlights- original front turn signal openings converted to fresh air vents- plastic fresh/grey/black tanks- very solid floor (1/2" ply glued to 1/4" ply with alternating joints)- efficient 12v compressor-driven refrigerator- custom cabinets- immaculate sheetmetal work
and so many details I couldn't take them all in. I got a lot of good ideas for #500 but truth to tell it was pretty intimidating. :)

Safe travels,Owen

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