<VV> Mike Mann

kevin nash wrokit at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 3 22:45:25 EST 2017

I got to know Mike Mann from being on fastvairs - I think I pm'ed him once asking him some questions
about his thoroughly awesome Corvair powered kit car.... then, (of course!) we'd end up emailing each other back and forth for a week or so, then the conversation would sort of burn out. Until the next big topic invariably came up, then the cycle would start all over again.... Sheesh that kit car he built was some fierce badaxx Turbo Corvair symbol of hot rod awesomeness!! do it yourself, check, impressive
performance from a antique engine and turbo platform that was never meant to do what he got it to do, check. Build quality, check. Extra credit for pushing the damn thing hard enough once in a while
to find out what it wouldn't do, and he had bent rods and pounded out ring lands to prove it! cool!
All part of the deal doing what he was doing! Where he's going Corvairs never blow up, no matter how much boost you throw at them.... He was one cool dude, and I'm already missing him!!
Kevin Nash
63 EFI Turbo daily driver, and currently broken!

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