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Sethracer at aol.com Sethracer at aol.com
Fri Mar 17 23:41:11 EDT 2017

I was working out in the garage this last week. Well,  not “working out”, 
just working – in the garage. I noticed that, as the last V8  left my area –
 via my Camaro purge – I had a nice V8 dipstick left over. A  plastic 
handle saying “Engine Oil”, and a nice rubber grommet that would slip  over the 
dipstick tube, either on the Camaro or a Corvair. In shuffling around  the 
half-dozen Corvair motors  in my  garage, mostly perched on bellhousings, I 
noticed that only a few had dipsticks.  That seemed to account for the 
more-than a half-dozen Corvair dipsticks in the  cabinet, several of which were 
the nice Chromed Corsa sticks. Except for a  couple of them, they were missing 
that rubber grommet that would slide-over and  seal to the dipstick tube, 
at least on late models. Maybe for street use, it  wouldn’t matter much, but 
if you extend the rev range of the Corvair motor, oil  will climb out of the 
dipstick tube, even if you have trimmed it at the bottom  of the case. A 
quick check of Clarks showed no dipsticks available, the “maybe  someday” 
note!  So I looked at the  V8 dipstick and noticed that, except for the extra 6”
 or so, it would have fit  into the Corvair motor, and sealed over the 
Corvair dipstick tube just fine! I  measured a couple of times, checking it 
twice or thrice, then cut off the extra  length on the V8 dipstick. I took out a 
Chisel, compared the two dipsticks for  length and added the “Full” and “
Fill” marks with an easy punch. After admiring  my handiwork, I wrote down 
the part number from the dipstick and checked it on  line, hoping to suggest a 
cheap alternative for people to use on their Corvairs,  with a little bit 
of invisible work. It turns out the dipstick I had modified  was an 87-88 
Corvette only dipstick, valued by collectors and hard to find. DOH!  So I 
looked up others. Spectre  Industries, in Southern California, sells a dipstick 
P/N 5726. It comes with a  throw-away dipstick tube for a 305 Chevy Camaro. 
The dipstick, as mentioned, is  too long. But it has a great snap-over mount 
for the tube and, as described for  the Corvette unit, can be shortened and 
marked for the Corvair motor. About $15,  depending on shipping. The 
pull-out loop at the top is plated, but not as fancy  as the original Chrome GM 
one. And this seal will actually do that! I cut and  marked that one as well, 
with a full and add mark.  
The old Stock Corvair  one. 
The cut down Corvette part 
All three –  Spectre – Corvette – OEM Corsa 
Comparison – Left  is amount cut-off of Spectre, 2nd one is Spectre with 
two tabs  located for oil levels. Match the unit you are  using! 
Easy to stamp a  line with a chisel – Seth Emerson 
Spectre P/N 5726 –  Application 1980 to 1985 Camaro Firebird V8! 
So- The 87-88  Corvette unit will work, but the Spectre dipstick for the 
80-85 Corvette is a  cheap easy source.  – Seth  Emerson
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