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Danny Davis corsa180gt at gmail.com
Sun Mar 19 07:07:37 EDT 2017

Thanks for that vairy useful info!  I bought the Spectre 5726 from Autozone
on eBay for $11 delivered.

 Danny Davis
Graham    WA

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> I was working out in the garage this last week. Well,  not “working out”,
> just working – in the garage. I noticed that, as the last V8  left my area
>>  via my Camaro purge – I had a nice V8 dipstick left over. A  plastic
> handle saying “Engine Oil”, and a nice rubber grommet that would slip
> over the
> dipstick tube, either on the Camaro or a Corvair. In shuffling around  the
> half-dozen Corvair motors  in my  garage, mostly perched on bellhousings, I
> noticed that only a few had dipsticks.  That seemed to account for the
> more-than a half-dozen Corvair dipsticks in the  cabinet, several of which
> were
> the nice Chromed Corsa sticks. Except for a  couple of them, they were
> missing
> that rubber grommet that would slide-over and  seal to the dipstick tube,
> at least on late models. Maybe for street use, it  wouldn’t matter much,
> but
> if you extend the rev range of the Corvair motor, oil  will climb out of
> the
> dipstick tube, even if you have trimmed it at the bottom  of the case. A
> quick check of Clarks showed no dipsticks available, the “maybe  someday”
> note!  So I looked at the  V8 dipstick and noticed that, except for the
> extra 6”
>  or so, it would have fit  into the Corvair motor, and sealed over the
> Corvair dipstick tube just fine! I  measured a couple of times, checking it
> twice or thrice, then cut off the extra  length on the V8 dipstick. I took
> out a
> Chisel, compared the two dipsticks for  length and added the “Full” and “
> Fill” marks with an easy punch. After admiring  my handiwork, I wrote down
> the part number from the dipstick and checked it on  line, hoping to
> suggest a
> cheap alternative for people to use on their Corvairs,  with a little bit
> of invisible work. It turns out the dipstick I had modified  was an 87-88
> Corvette only dipstick, valued by collectors and hard to find. DOH!  So I
> looked up others. Spectre  Industries, in Southern California, sells a
> dipstick
> P/N 5726. It comes with a  throw-away dipstick tube for a 305 Chevy Camaro.
> The dipstick, as mentioned, is  too long. But it has a great snap-over
> mount
> for the tube and, as described for  the Corvette unit, can be shortened and
> marked for the Corvair motor. About $15,  depending on shipping. The
> pull-out loop at the top is plated, but not as fancy  as the original
> Chrome GM
> one. And this seal will actually do that! I cut and  marked that one as
> well,
> with a full and add mark.
> The old Stock Corvair  one.
> The cut down Corvette part
> All three –  Spectre – Corvette – OEM Corsa
> Comparison – Left  is amount cut-off of Spectre, 2nd one is Spectre with
> two tabs  located for oil levels. Match the unit you are  using!
> Easy to stamp a  line with a chisel – Seth Emerson
> Spectre P/N 5726 –  Application 1980 to 1985 Camaro Firebird V8!
> So- The 87-88  Corvette unit will work, but the Spectre dipstick for the
> 80-85 Corvette is a  cheap easy source.  – Seth  Emerson
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