<VV> Everyone gone?

Matt Nall patiomatt at aol.com
Thu Mar 23 15:37:49 EDT 2017

We are trying to revive a CORSA club here in Central California, and i help people here...in person, post and comment and respond on CCF, as well as Facebook groups and Corvair Forum too. 

That question sounded like you dont believe i have, or have had, much to offer at all. Whats with the negative????  I believe that information is open source, and shouldnt be horded by elite "gate-keeper" types. 



Wow!!  gg   I just wanted someone besides me to mention other places where info is available!   This must have something to do with "Get off my Lawn"?????

I've been around here since 1998  and VV  has never been that way!   STOCK  biased yes....  but if you look in our Archives there are 1,000's of links  to info / and alternate sources for parts. also we have 1.,000's of pictures...   Sadly many never read the monthly list  "guidelines"  or the Footer at the bottom of Every message  that tells you where to see them!

You must remember  I'm a Mod  on FastVair , CorvairCenter, have 3  Yahoo Groups of my own.  I'm a past Chairman here [ 2003-5 ] and a current "VV-helper"  / lightweight moderator who follows the "Chairman's"  orders..  

As a side note;  When I first arrived here I found the friendliest group  and have never left.... except for the 16 weeks  I was "suspended!  LOL!!

At the Corvair Center /  '99,  I was Chastised  starting with my first post....I mentioned that I had the CorvairBOATCenter     website!  and was piecing a  Junkyard vert together with   only used parts, to Drive to the Tahoe Convention from San San Diego... I'm still there  too!  And yes I was "relieved of my MOD  duties" for six months in 2008  for being too harsh...

I guess I just have thick skin!!!  GG

Matt Nall
Charleston, Oregon


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