<VV> Everyone gone?

Joel McGregor joel at joelsplace.com
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Not sure how you got that idea.  We commented on the poor Facebook format and I would think it have been read as a complaint about people NOT being on here instead of the other way abound.
I think if you searched the archives hopefully I've helped a few people over the years and never really flamed anyone that I can remember.
I know Matt has spent a lot of time helping others here - far more than I have.
I'm pretty thick skinned too so anyone is welcome to flame away.
Joel McGregor

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These two sentiments, from Jay and Joel are a main part of why "Everone (is) gone?". From anyone who looks in, it sounds like: "HEY YOU KIDS...GET OFF MY LAWN", or "BACK IN MY DAY..."  I am 49, and inherited my first Corvair in 2012, from my son. (yeah...i know) Since then, i have looked into every avenue of support, and have now helped so many others with pictures and videos and support. That, to me, is the spirit of Corvair. Corvair, again...in my opinion, is not an investment in dollars (restoring an old one, in hopes of striking it rich when i resell it), its an investment in the past glory of Chevrolet' innovation. Also, the commraderie of fellow Corvair fans, getting together, and showing and swapping and sharing...the new media is just the new way of doing things. My inbox has been FILLED with VV emails, that have the topic: "Everyone gone?"  There is a vibrant Corvair community out there, its just wrapped in a package that you do not recognize.

"Somebody moved my cheese!!"


I myself, do not post much on VV, but have read through a subject, when it comes up on a Google search, and have gleen'd knowledge from it. Have also provided some support a time or two. Anyway...i hope i dont get flamed by posting this. There are many opinions...this is just one.


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So true.  It seems that no one wants to think past right now.  I couldn't care less if someone "likes" what I post.  If they don't then every keyboard has a delete key.  Don't get me started on not having a keyboard...
Sometimes pictures are great but often text is so much better.  Videos really drive me nuts.  Wasting 10 minutes to find information that would take 30 seconds to read.

Joel McGregor

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Facebook is semi-cute, and sometimes fun.
But it is an awful place to put stuff if you ever want to find it again.
An email list - each message is here on my computer until I delete it.
And, no stinking ads or "sponsored content"
And no bloody political ****, either.

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