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Dale Dewald d66dewald at gmail.com
Fri Mar 24 11:31:15 EDT 2017

Hello Andy,
We got what is listed on TireRack as 6.40SR13 but Vredestein lists them 
as 6.40/7.00R13.  They are by all measurements the same size as the 
7.00-13 OEM Corvair tires.  The Mercedes sedans of the late 50's to 
early 60's used 6.40-13 and 6.70-13 tires which are somewhat narrower, 
but very close in rev/mile to the low profile [for the time] Corvair 
7.00-13.  The modern P185/80R13 is the /de facto/ replacement size.
I knew these were summer only tires, but was surprised by the warning on 
TireRack about low temperature use and storage with any weight on the 
tires below 40F.  I am glad my 500 Sport Sedan is stored in a 50F heated 

On 3/24/2017 10:08, Kinzelman, Andy wrote:
> Dale,
> Did you get the 6.40-13, or the 205 – 60 – 13s?
> Thanks,
> Andy

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