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Jay Maechtlen jaysplace at laserpubs.com
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On 3/27/2017 6:39 AM, Bryan Blackwell via VirtualVairs wrote:
> Hi John,
> I'm in the "faster steering is better" camp.  We have the cast fast arms (I'm pretty sure they are the same as the old IECO arms) on all three of our cars.  They're pretty easy to install:
> - Jack up front of the car, put on jackstands
> - Remove front tires and drums
> - Unbolt the tie rod ends and two bolts that hold the arms on
> - Reverse steps to install new arms using the longer bolts, torque everything
> - Set toe in
> Before anyone else brings it up, we like these with fast ratio boxes too, it makes the steering about as fast as Ellie's dad's Cadillac XTS.  The major downside of the arms is the Ackerman is off so the front end scrubs at full lock.  Driving on the street isn't an issue, just parking lots.
> --Bryan
Note that everything you do to quicken the steering will increase 
steering effort when parking or maneuvering at slow speeds.
Not a problem for most, but if someone is small or has not much 
arm/shoulder strength, it could be an issue.

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