<VV> While on the topic of keys

FrankDuVal corvairduval at cox.net
Thu Mar 30 00:10:06 EDT 2017

Some gas caps use a similar Briggs & Stratton key, a B-4, which is close 
to a B-10 (1935 to 1966 GM) blank, just shorter.

It might be possible to get the cylinder out of the cap, but I have 
never tried.

Frank DuVal

On 3/29/2017 8:03 PM, gerg via VirtualVairs wrote:
> I just had both doors, ignition and glove box keyed alike on my 1962 Rampy. By accident, I realized the profile of the gas cap looks to be the same. I stuck the wrong key in the gas cap this morning at the gas station. Wondering if I can also have that lock rekeyed so that one key does everything?
> Seems to be an original Chevrolet item, came with the truck and is definitely old.
> Thanks,
> Greg
> Monroe, LA

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