<VV> Do you own (or know of) a 1961 500 Sedan built in Oakland CA?

Rick Loving ral1963 at comcast.net
Thu Mar 30 21:12:00 EDT 2017

I need some Fisher Trim tag examples from any 1961 569 Model (500 sedans)
that were built in Oakland California.
In my collection, I currently have ZERO examples of this type of Fisher Trim
I am currently working on gathering up data to provide an estimated
breakdown of each model BY assembly plant.
This data has never been available as no records have been discovered from
GM showing this type of breakdown, we have totals by month by plant and we
have overall totals by model by year...but nothing further breaking down
this info.
Your help would be greatly appreciated...

Please email me the image at  <mailto:RAL1963 at COMCAST.NET>
Rick Loving

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