<VV> 1966 Corvair on Hemmings

Steven J. Serenska corvair at serenska.com
Thu Nov 9 13:10:41 EST 2017

> There is a corvair on Hemmings 1966, conv., 4spd, turbo, with air.  Someone must have put the car together never saw a turbo with air or am I wrong?  Nice looking car from the pictures but has a price tag of 30K. I am looking for a conv. 4spd with air don't care to pay a decent price for it but I think 30K is out of the question, or maybe I just want one that bad  What do you think?
I have several thoughts:

1) As others have mentioned, A/C wasn't available with the turbo option.

2) It's been a long time since I looked through the Hemmings classifieds:

     a) Wow!  Look at those prices.  $25K+ is quite common.

     b) 70 listings for Corvairs.  Again, Wow!  20 years ago, there 
would have been 70 listings for '55 Chevy's and 4 listings for Corvairs.

3) For the listing in question (if anyone else wants to see it: 
, that's definitely a modern-components (non-factory) A/C setup. They 
moved the battery to the passenger side to accommodate the new-looking 
a/c equipment.

4) There are a few other interesting things about that car:

     a) The factory am/fm wasn't available with the rear antenna option

     b) He put map pockets on the '66 door panels ... also not available 
... but a nice touch

     c) He got rid of the crinkle paint on the dash and painted it the 
interior color

     d) He even painted the brake handle the glossy interior color

5) The tires say "Cooper" on the sidewalls.  Are these old stock?  Or do 
we have a new tire option I'm not aware of?

Nice car.  $30K?  Right after I hit Powerball...

Steven "still on a Corvair budget" Serenska
Bristol, RI

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