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I guess that I sound like an old fuddy duddy complaining  about the use of 
But I object to its use!!!

Using a term or title like that implies a  measure of doubt on the safety 
and control of the Corvairs...all of them. And  there should NEVER be  any 
question or doubt. The Corvairs are all  SAFE. Chevrolet proved it many times. 
But if your are still wondering, the  NHTSA PROVED that the Corvairs were 
safe back in 1972 during a   government sponsored comprehensive testing 
To start questioning the Corvair's safety  record after 50 years of safe 
handling is insulting to all the Corvair owners  and it shows a large quantity 
of narrow thinking.
I think that Hagerty owes all the  Corvair owners an apology for even 
bringing up the question. Hagerty could of  at least toned it down to a question 
of safe handling or comparative driving  fun. But to imply that the cars 
might KILL you is stupid and  insulting.

Bob  Helt

Subject: Will the Corvair Kill  You?


Larry Webster tries his hardest  to flip a Chevrolet Corvair. In his 1965
book, Unsafe at Any Speed, Ralph  Nader called the Corvair "the  one-car

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