<VV> Will the Corvair Kill You?

Robert Marlow, Vairtec Corporation vairtec at optimum.net
Fri Nov 17 10:58:04 EST 2017

Bob Helt, you confess that you risk sounding like "an old fuddy-duddy," 
but as a card-carrying old fuddy-duddy myself I am here to opine that 
"Will the Corvair Kill You?" is a GREAT title!

I say this as someone who has been dealing with print headlines since 
1969 and online titles more recently.

Years ago, a proper print headline for this topic might have been "Is 
the Corvair Safe, Hagerty Asks," or the even less interesting "Hagerty 
Tests the Corvair's Stability."

Today, headline-writing has evolved into online subject-line writing, 
and the purpose is no longer to tell what the story is about, but to 
entice readers to click on the story.  That's why so many of them are 
now phrased as questions ("Is Donald Trump the Child of Space Aliens?") 
or the more common (and less intelligent) "You Won't Believe" format 
("They Tested Donald Trump's DNA and You Won't Believe What They Found!")

While you can argue correctly that the Corvair has been proven to be 
safe, whether we like it or not it is still strongly associated with 
"Unsafe."  The Hagerty article and video support the conclusion of 
safety, and the "Will the Corvair Kill You?" headline gets people to 
read the story.

It's a great headline because it is modern, intriguing, effective -- and 

--Bob Marlow

On 11/16/2017 5:24 PM, BobHelt--- via VirtualVairs wrote:
> I guess that I sound like an old fuddy duddy complaining  about the use of
> But I object to its use!!!
> Using a term or title like that implies a  measure of doubt on the safety
> and control of the Corvairs...all of them. And  there should NEVER be  any
> question or doubt. The Corvairs are all  SAFE. Chevrolet proved it many times.
> But if your are still wondering, the  NHTSA PROVED that the Corvairs were
> safe back in 1972 during a   government sponsored comprehensive testing
> sequence.
> To start questioning the Corvair's safety  record after 50 years of safe
> handling is insulting to all the Corvair owners  and it shows a large quantity
> of narrow thinking.
> I think that Hagerty owes all the  Corvair owners an apology for even
> bringing up the question. Hagerty could of  at least toned it down to a question
> of safe handling or comparative driving  fun. But to imply that the cars
> might KILL you is stupid and  insulting.
> Bob  Helt

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