<VV> Happy Thanksgiving and a little Corvair thanks too

Larry Forman larry at forman.net
Thu Nov 23 12:10:03 EST 2017

Good Morning and Happy Thanksgiving,

Today I got up and found, as I was rebuilding the carbs for the 65 Monza 
110 PG, that the left carb was missing the power enrichment needle - 
just not there!   I was always wondering why I had trouble balancing 
those carbs despite the fact that I was told the carbs had just been 
I just knew I had to take them apart and see if anything was wrong.

Now it all makes sense.   I also found the top base gasket was 
incorrectly installed and part of it was shrouding the fuel intake to 
the right cylinder head.  Finally, I noticed that for one carb there was 
casting flash in the fuel inlet channel behind the fuel inlet filter 
that would disrupt the fuel flow.   A hand held drill bit sized to the 
channel cleaned that up.   I will need to check that area carefully in 
the future when rebuilding Corvair carbs.

Take care,


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