<VV> Late Model Amber Rear Signals ?

FrankDuVal corvairduval at cox.net
Fri Aug 3 22:32:30 EDT 2018

Yes, and after 100 + years of red turn signals, they are what WE look 
for! That is the definition of clearly visible! Flashing amber is also 
used here for "safety" vehicles.  So, seeing a flashing amber up ahead 
of you does not mean someone is turning.

We have red turn signals, other places have amber. Both are turn 
signals. As long as a driver uses them, other drivers will see them. 
Now, if I take a red rear turn signal to a place where all the drivers 
are used to amber, then there might be an issue. No issue here in the USA.

Next we will discuss the relative merits of right hand vs left hand 
drive, both of which are legal to drive here......  insert smiley face here.

Frank DuVal

On 8/3/2018 2:37 PM, Hugo Miller via VirtualVairs wrote:
> I have to disagree; - air bags, seat belts etc exist to prevent injury 
> in the event of a crash. Having clearly visible turn signals will help 
> prevent such a crash in the first place. Anti-lock brakes etc exist to 
> protect the driver from his own deficiencies. Clearly visible turn 
> signals will protect the driver from the deficiencies of others.

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