<VV> New shroud staples are very tough to bend?

FrankDuVal corvairduval at cox.net
Sat Jul 7 14:18:44 EDT 2018

Sounds Good!

On 7/7/2018 11:26 AM, Ignacio Valdes via VirtualVairs wrote:
> Talking with Clark's the way you put these stainless steel staples in is
> grab each end with a needle nose plier on each end so it doesn't rock like
> a see-saw when you try to bend it. Bend it as much as you can in the
> desired direction which isn't that much because these things are stiff.
> Then get a body dolly below and a hammer on top and hammer the ends down to
> fold them the rest of the way.  Wow that's a lot of work but this technique
> works.  This technique is not included in the instructions that I can see.
> Regular steel staples are probably softer but will rust. -- IV
> On Sat, Jun 23, 2018 at 5:54 PM, Ignacio Valdes <ivaldes at hal-pc.org> wrote:
>> Hi I am putting the rubber strips back on my shrouds using Clarks C858E
>> stainless steel staples. Boy these dudes are tough to bend! I get them
>> through and try to bend them over with a needle nose or even a full vise
>> grip squeeze and they don't budge! Is there a trick to bending these over
>> once you have them through the shrouds and the rubber strip?
>> -- IV

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