<VV> 64 black seats and RL block

N2VZD n2vzd at aol.com
Fri Jul 13 20:17:42 EDT 2018

Several years ago I bought 2 black kits for 64 buckets and 2 worn green seats to rebuild. I no longer feel up to that job. So I would love to sell the whole package and get my 4X8 table out of my way. 2 new Clark's black kits and 2 seats  along with hog rings and pliers as a package for $300.00 O B O     F O B Memphis NY. They were @175 each , plus you get seats, hog rings,pliers and new buttons etc.
I also have a block assembly ( no cylinders ) from a turbo (RL with oil pump housing with timing tab and nitrided crank , 304 cam ) to either sell dirty , or I may build a 110 or 95 with it. $100 picked up here.
Regards, Tim Colson   still trying to clean out.

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