<VV> Low Coil Volts Issue

Rod Murray rmurray8996 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 14 09:31:20 EDT 2018

Hello group,

Looking for engine electrical insight...I drove the 66 140 w flamethrower II coil/igniter II ignition setup 3 days ago and ran perfect (pretty much like always). Took it out yesterday and wouldn’t hold idle, would run while driving but died at every light, clearly lost rpm from previous drive.  Checked voltage when I got home and got the following info...battery and alternator both reading above 12v.  Coil volts very low (sub 4) and sporadic racing from -0 to teens.   This morning I swapped both coil and ignition for flamethrower I/igniter set I had used previously and still had on the shelf. Slightly better coil  readings at around 8 volts but still clearly low. Batt and alternator volts Unchanged. 

So far I’m assuming my flame II is bad and I guess it’s possible that one of the replacement items could also be bad.  I’m generally planning to pickup a new flame II later today (and maybe a new igniter II set as well?) assuming I’m looking in the right place to begin with. 

Any input from those more mechanically experienced than I (lol that’s most of you!). 

Thx, rod

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