<VV> Freeing a stuck motor.

Jay Maechtlen jaysplace at laserpubs.com
Wed Jun 20 02:14:08 EDT 2018

On 6/19/2018 10:54 PM, Ignacio Valdes via VirtualVairs wrote:
> What fitting does one use to get the compressed air in?  I have a
> plain compressed air dust blow gun with the rubber tip but I don't know if
> that is long enough to reach through the top shroud. Is that sufficient or
> is there a better way? Also I do not understand what " top of piston in
> most likely  8-9 sq. in.”?" means?
You could also pull carbs and exh manifolds, use air nozzle to blow 
oil/atf into those.

To break it loose, a big screwdriver/prybar between flywheel/ring gear 
teeth and bellhousing/starter nose.
That will bet you enough leverage to un-stick it.
Then you rock it back and forth with ring gear then use the bolt on the 
I say 'rock it' because that lets some of the crud that you're scraping 
off the cyl walls to get out of there and fresh oil to get it.
But if it doesn't free up pretty quick after breaking it loose, then it 
needs to get torn down anyway.

I wouldn't expect that air pressure on the piston would do the job of 
breaking it loose, but - eh,  you could try.
The adapters they make for compression testers, maybe? Just a rubber tip 
thingie could work.
I took an old spark plug once, broke the porcelain out of it, and welded 
some kind of fitting to it.

> On Wed, Jun 20, 2018 at 12:04 AM, Matt <patiomatt at aol.com> wrote:
>> Let it soak for a few days…at least…
>> Remove rockers…..  compressed air in plug holes… 120-150 psi… top of
>> piston in most likely  8-9 sq. in.”?
>> Matt Nall
>> Sea Mtn., Or.
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>> *From: *Ignacio Valdes via VirtualVairs <virtualvairs at corvair.org>
>> Hi, I am giving the old college try for a 1964 stuck motor that was given
>> to me for 'free'. It is out of the car on the floor. A 3/4 inch wrench on
>> the harmonic balancer bolt head does not make it budge. The starter is bad.
>> I pulled the plugs and poured a gallon of ATF into the spark plug holes
>> today. How long should I wait and are there any other ways of trying to get
>> it moving other than the bolt head on the harmonic balancer? -- IV
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