<VV> what the hell was that? / Continued

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"total" means cost to repair is greater than cash value

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>"a friend at a local body shop said they, more than likely because of 
>their ages, would total them both."
>The term Total is an economic term. It has nothing to do with the damage 
>being repairable or not. It has nothing to do with not making it safe to 
>drive again.
>And you state the Mercury has no collision insurance, so your insurance 
>company will not state it is a total. If a body shop says they are 
>totaled, that just means they do not want to fix them. Period. Back in 
>my day we fixed many a "total" if we could make money on it. OTL is 
>slang for Obvious Total Loss, meaning someone looked at the car (even 
>just in pictures) and without writing a real estimate, decided the 
>repair costs were higher than ACV (actual cash value) less salvage value.
>Nowadays there are title rules concerning "totals", so just do not let 
>the insurance company buy the car from you, as that is when the title 
>gets branded. Then again, who cares if a Corvair has a branded title? 
>You can still drive and enjoy it.
>Start collecting sales information for similar Mercurys and Corvairs so 
>you will be armed with ACV values you find from actual recent sales. 
>Then you can make sure you get treated properly (economically) by any 
>insurance company involved. Be forewarned by being forearmed!
>If you do not want to repair your cars, that is YOUR decision alone! Do 
>not let insurance companies or shops not interested in repairing them 
>make your decision for you.
>Frank DuVal
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