<VV> XR700

N2VZD TIM n2vzd at aol.com
Tue Apr 9 21:07:08 EDT 2019

I have run XR700 or equivalent on all of my vehicles and others  for many years with no issues. I would think the only cause for failure might be connections at the 3 pin plug or voltage fed to it. I ground the black wire to the motor , and am careful about the coil terminals staying away from the case edge. I bypass the resistor wire on the b+ feed. Only bad one I had was bad right out of the box , and it was replaced.   check wires at the distributor etc (I grind a notch in the cap where the wires leave)  and ck (or eliminate) that 3 pin molex plug.Regards, Tim Colson    C N Y C C

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