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Jim and Brian

Jim you are right the 1965 Assembly Manual page 1965-192 of the Clark's reprint shows "similar" wiring diagram as the 1966 shop manual (i.e. there is no relay or inline fuse), however in 66 there was the mercury switch added to the deck lid to cut off the clutch drive when the deck lid was raised. There is a revision note that the 65 Assy Manual diagram was redrawn & revised on 8-12-64.

Learned something new again, hope this helps you Brian.

Sta East

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Many years ago there was a VV discussion related to preservation of the A/C control switches that had become unobtainable.  Midst of the discussion, I suggested adding a relay to protect the fan speed switch of other year models, in the same way as as was done on '65 models.  Larry Claypool responded that there was no such relay on the '65 models.  The diagram in the manual was not correct.  My Corvairs with A/C have never included a '65 model.  I just had the shop manual diagram to go by.  So I took his word for it.

The in-line fuse is shown in the unswitched power feed to the relay.  If Larry was correct that there was no relay there would be no need for an in-line fuse.  You may be searching for a phantom.

Jim Becker

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Go to the Specifications Section 11 last page of the 65 shop manual. It says 
2 fuses: 1 inline and 1 in fuse box (both 15 amp). The wiring diagram on 
page 15-38 shows the inline fuse coming of the relay through a 12 GA. Red 
wire to the ignition switch.

BTW the 66 wiring for AC only has the 15 amp fuse in the fuse box because 
the relay is no longer used see page 15-4.

Stan East

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I'm terrible at reading wiring diagrams but I think the 1965 shop manual 
shows a 20 amp in line fuse for the compressor. Am I right?  And if so where 
is it physically located?  Many thanks.

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