<VV> rustproofing a '64 convertible

JUDY HOOK judynrandy at comcast.net
Fri Mar 1 15:48:27 EST 2019

I recently scored the "mother lode" of corvairs.  I acquired a '64 convertible that had spent the last 44 years of its' life in the basement of a barn!!!  A real mindblower for sure.  This car is going to replace my becoming very rusty '63 convertible. When I recently looked underneath of it I was aghast at how fast the rust is destroying the rockers, rear floor area, and quarterpanels.  And after a fender/bender on Feb. 1, in which the insurance co. totaled the '63, I decided to fix up the '64 instead of fighting with the damage of replacing a front fender all that rust on the '63. 

      Anyhow, my question is this:  In order to keep the rockers of the '64 from ending up like the '63's, I decided to weld shut all the heater access holes when the car is painted and add to the rocker areas a couple gallons each of my homemade rust-proofing solution to live in there forever and ever.  As for heat, when needed, i'm going to install the gas heater I have in the '63.  So, has anyone ever done this?  If so, any pitfalls or problems?  Any thoughts and opinions welcome.  Thanks.

Randy (Cap'n) Hook

Hopewell,  PA

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