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The Pikes Peak Corvair Club uses “SeeMore” the cutaway (lengthwise) late sedan as an educational tool and to promote both club and CORSA membership. SeeMore is very popular particularly with younger folks (we let them sit in it). It draws crowds.

Currently, SeeMore is moved to/from events on an open tandem wheel trailer. PPCC is seeking an enclosed car hauling trailer or donations so that SeeMore can be seen by more and be protected during transit and storage. Currently we have donations from Clark’s (for a new carpet for the vehicle, thanks!)) and cash donations from PPCC and RMC members. We also solicit sponsors (we post a list of sponsors at events). For the trailer, we’ll list sponsors right on the trailer. We’d like to see multiple clubs and parts/services suppliers listed.

If interested, please let me know. Randy Karl of PPCC is the SeeMore project manager. I’ll refer any good news to him.


Ken Schifftner

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