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Hugo Miller Hugo at aruncoaches.co.uk
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I mis-read the original post & thought he meant all the terminals on the 
switch were grounding (to the body of the switch) which obviously shouldn't 
If this were my car, what I would do is this - a bit brutal but it might 
work; open the hood & position yourself at the back of the car; pull the 
H.T. wire out of the distributor or coil; get the wife to crank the engine, 
& watch for smoke! That is assuming the problem is in the engine bay of 
If you have a ballast resistor, the 'start' circuit will by-pass it and feed 
directly to the coil.  I would suspect this wire might be grounding out 
somewhere. By the same token, of course, you should have trouble getting a 
spark while cranking, if you don't have a good direct feed to the coil.

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With the battery disconnected, and the wires disconnected form the
switch, you are reading each wire with an ohmmeter to ground? Then yes,
this is normal.

The purple wire on the switch is the starter solenoid wire. Reading from
this wire to ground, all that is in that circuit is the neutral safety
switch (which should be 0 ohms in Neutral), several wire connectors
(also should be 0 ohms ideally)  and the starter solenoid, which is only
on ohm or two from the start terminal (S) to ground through its internal

Same for the other wires, typical circuit is battery, switch and load
then return through ground to the negative terminal of the battery. So
if you are reading at the switch, then there is a complete connection to

Frank DuVal

On 3/30/2019 9:21 PM, Bill H. via VirtualVairs wrote:
> B"H
> Hi all...I have a problem that is driving me a bit crazy.  When I turn the 
> key to "START" in my 66 Monza, I smell that "burning electrical" smell.
> So I disconnected the ignition switch from the dash wires, and tested the 
> switch. It works perfectly.
> However, I assume the connections to the switch are 12 volts positive?  If 
> so, with the battery disconnected, all the wires connected to the switch 
> show full connectivity with the ground.  I'm confused, are the BAT, SOL, 
> ACC and IGN wires supposed to show connectivity to the 12 volts negative 
> (ground)?
> Any advise would be greatly appreciated!
> Best Wishes,
> Bill Hershkowitz66 Monza Sport Sedan 110 PG factory A/C
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