<VV> Piston slap

Smitty vairologist at cox.net
Sat Nov 2 14:34:13 EDT 2019

People relating shade tree fixes reminded me of an experience I had out in the desert a million miles from nowhere.  Old Chev 6,  rod started tapping and quickly became a hammer.  Pulled off road near a “Last Stop”  one pump filling station, and got out my tools.  Water was a dime a glass in station so I scavenged containers from behind the building to save radiator water.  Pulled head and very carefully removed gasket.  Pulled pan with oil in it.  Punched piston and rod out of the block.  Sawed big end off of rod and with an old leather belt for spacer, clamped it on the bad crank throw.  Just as a wild guess removed .002 shims from each of the other rods.  Reinstalled head and pan.  Head minus two rockers for dead cyl.  Drove from Needles California to Alameda at 35-40mph due to vibration, but made it in time to make muster off leave.

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