<VV> FC van choke and Greenbrier weatherstrips.

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OK, I should have said the word "CHOKE" was below the speedometer rather 
than at the bottom edge of the instrument panel.  The choke would still have 
been screwed to the bottom directly below it.  There should still be 2 screw 
holes there.


I am not aware of any Corvairs built in '61 without manual chokes.  Either 
the two screw holes are below the instrument panel along with about three in 
the firewall, or somebody went to the trouble to fill them, or somebody 
jacked up the serial number plate and slid a different year body under it.

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Ok, I tried it upside down and sideways ;) But mine has the word CHOKE
engraved at the TOP of the instrument panel, but no hole underneath it.
It does have a small seperate panel underneath the (Spyder) dash,
containing the wiper switch and a push button that I assume is the
washer switch. Which is odd because it has no washers!
I will wager a large amount of money that nobody has gone to the
trouble of hiding any holes that might have been on the front wall of
the engine bay - I am confident they were never there in the first
So, assuming the 'spare' dash I have is the one that went with the van,
it has never had a choke cable or any of the associated linkage. And it
is a 1961. But I have four carbs with manual chokes!
Clearly it is going to be a lot more trouble to rig up a choke linkage
than it is to fit carbs with automatic chokes, but I am intrigued to
know how this state of affairs has arisen in the first place?

On 2019-11-04 17:00, Jim Becker wrote:
> Reread what I just told you.  Then stand on your head and look again.
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> The plot thickens! My original dash has the following markings
> engraved; LIGHTS, WIPER, CHOKE, ENGINE (above the warning lamps), then
> the mileometer window,
> LIGHTER, and finally the ignition switch. The odd thing is that there
> is no hole under where it says CHOKE. It is a van dash (I assume) as
> it has an 80mph speedo - the cars would have been higher I presume?
> So of this is the original dash for this van, it has NEVER had a
> manual choke. The absence of any witnes marks from cable fittings in
> the engine bay would seem to bear this out. I bought this as an
> unfinished restoration,so it wasn't running like this. It came with a
> spare pair of carbs, but all four have manual chokes.
> On 2019-11-04 16:13, Jim Becker wrote:
>> The front cable has a bracket that screws to the bottom of the
>> dashboard. The original instrument panel had the word "CHOKE" at the
>> bottom edge above where the knob belongs.  Once the two choke cable
>> sections are removed, very little evidence would remain on the
>> vehicle.  There should still be some holes in the front of the engine
>> compartment.  But somebody that went to the trouble of installing a
>> Spyder dash may have had the ability to apply some minor body work to
>> the holes.
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