<VV> Carb Cams

Grant Young gyoungwolf at earthlink.net
Sun Oct 6 14:32:01 EDT 2019

<<My curious question is, what happens to all the fast idle cams that came 
on the carburetors to be rebuilt?>>

Many of the cores come without the cams for various reasons: Just missing, removed when something else broke/disappeared in the idle/choke system, too rusted to re-use, etc. 

<<I see no reason why a curve would not work in place of the steps. Only exception is the setting of certain adjustments that rely on steps, 
like: Place fast idle tang on second step of fast idle cam next to highest step.>>

My thinking is that they could be sized starting at the second step, but there has been some input that they control the operation. 

I think I will try some out, regardless, as I currently have many, many cores without them, and can't accumulate enough to carry me over while a batch is out for plating. The same problems (except worse) exist with the upper rod and trippers part of the system, but they can still be had aftermarket. 

Thanks for the input,

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