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Hugo Miller hugo at aruncoaches.co.uk
Wed Oct 23 05:32:53 EDT 2019

Two comments; WD 40 is not a penetrating oil - it is a Water 
Displacement fluid. Yes, it will work as a penetrating oil up to a 
point, but it evaporates and doesn't creep very well. The best 
penetrating oil is a mix of acetone & ATF (or other oil).The acetone 
thins the oil & lets it creep into crevices, then it evaporates, leaving 
the oil behind. But it seperates out within inutes, leaving the acetone 
on top, which will evaporate before your eyes! You have to keep it in a 
sealed container and agitate it every time before use.
Secondly, why are you syphoning the old fuel out? It ran ok on it? Just 
dilute it with fresh fuel & get rid of it that way.

On 2019-10-23 09:51, Gregg Wellner via VirtualVairs wrote:
> Thanks to all who gave advice. Freed it up this morning, penetrating
> oil (WD-40) and light tapping with a small ball-peen hammer. Patience
> paid off. Once it started moving I got more WD in the crack and it
> then moved by hand. Never had that problem before setting timing on
> any car, and I’ve done many. I just bought this car a couple weeks
> ago, It’s a 1965 Monza 110/PG. Bought it from a widow, it was her
> husbands pride and joy, but he was not mechanical and paid to have 
> all
> work done. He passed 5 years ago, so it’s been sitting in a garage 
> and
> driven barely. Brand new top, radial tires, brakes. Engine was hard 
> to
> start but it ran and I drove it home 25 miles. Ran better as I drove
> it. I cleaned and rebuilt both carbs, very dirty and  accelerator
> pumps not working on either one. Clogged vents and passages. One carb
> had a #48 main jet the other a #50, both chewed up by too small of a
> screwdriver used on them. Who knows why, just a reminder to all that
> you never know what previous mechanics do. I put in #51 jets and it
> really pulls hard under throttle. Anyone use #52 jets? just 
> wondering.
> Just this morning I put in a new coil and pointless ignition. All new
> vacuum lines. Starts and runs like crazy now, even with old low 
> octane
> ethanol fuel. Tomorrow I’ll siphon out the rest of the old gas and 
> put
> in ethanol free 91 octane fuel. Here in Wisconsin we have Kwik-Trip
> gas stations with great products…………...
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