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Jim Becker mr.jebecker at gmail.com
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I thought I-95 though that part of Florida was all limited access divided 
with no median crossing.  There shouldn't be any left arrows.  You have a 
pointer to that spot on google earth?  I'd like to look at it.

Jim Becker

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Yes - every damn map I've ever seen in the US! Find me one that is
anything like as good as the British A to Z and I will pay you
handsomely for it! I think it's the intersections that are most
misleading. In England we have Major Roads and Minor Roads, and on the
map it's easy to see which is which and how they intersect, so you can
just follow your nose. But in Florida they all seem to be somehow
mis-aligned, or many of them are.
Signposting in Florida is like going back fifty years also, except it's
worse than anything I've seen elsewhere in the world! You see some
really stupid things, like the sign on I95 heading south to Miami, where
there is an arrow pointing left to the Turnpike, which runs parallel.
Just before you commit to making the turn by crossing the median, you
will, if you're lucky, see in front of you a sign reading "Wrong Way".
The arrow is pointing right at the oncoming traffic on the northbound
on-ramp! Maybe it's easier during the day, but it damn near caught me
out one dark night. And all nights are dark on the Florida roads,
compared to the UK, where we have vastly better street lighting. I
accept that Florida is much less densely populated than Britain, so
that's just how it is, but it sometimes feels very lonely out there at
night. Not even the signposts are lit up, which I find strange.

On 2020-04-04 20:23, Joel McGregor wrote:
> I've never seen a real map that had "spidery lines which don't
> correspond to the actualt roads they represent".
> That would be worthless. Do you have any examples?
> Joel McGregor

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