<VV> Coils

Dale Smiley dale_smiley at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 17 17:06:49 EST 2020

Based on the original message I think you are passing too much current thru the Coil Primary and burning it out! 
The "Coil gets hot" comment points directly to that. I would measure the input resistance of the Coil (+ terminal to - terminal). Here is the good old States this should be around 1.5 ohms for a Coil that "NEEDS" a RESISTOR (external or a piece of Resistance Wire in the harness) to limit the Primary current to around 4 Amps. A "12 Volt Coil" should have a Primary resistance of 3 ohms. I have never heard of a "9 Volt Coil" but I haven't owned a British car since 1976! The "Inductive Ignition System" that we are talking about was developed in 1910 by Charles F. (BOSS) Kettering, Chief Engineer at the Dayton Electric Laboratory Company in Dayton, Ohio for use in the 1910 CADILLAC (Dayton Electric Laboratory COmpany = DELCO)!

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