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Jim Becker mr.jebecker at gmail.com
Mon Jan 13 12:04:26 EST 2020

I think I have the following right.  But I have never wired an electric 
pump.  If my base assumption is wrong, somebody will jump in and say so.

I do not believe there is any "ignition on" power going into the fuse box. 
Every circuit there is either always hot or controlled by "ACC" of the 
ignition switch.  The ignition wire off the ignition switch (Shop manual 
says it is 14 B/P.) goes to an in-harness splice under the dashboard.  From 
the splice wires go to the ignition coil and a few other places (like the 
generator light).  To get power switched as you want, you need to tap into 
one of  the wires going to/from that splice.  If you tap into the one to the 
coil inside the engine compartment, get onto the switch side of the iron 
resistor wire, not the coil side.  If you are reusing an old under-dash 
harness, I suggest opening up the existing splice and redoing it to add your 
wire.  Those splices have often deteriorated from age and are a source of 
power loss.

Jim Becker

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G’day from Australia to everyone and happy new year,

Hope someone can assist me with the following?

I Imagine that many of you will have fitted electric fuel pumps to your 
Corvairs and if you have then perhaps you might be able steer me in the 
right direction with the following question.

I am the final stages of installing an electric fuel pump in to our RHD 1965 
Monza convertible.

I say ‘final stage’ as I have to date, mounted the electric fuel pump 
securely under the car close to the fuel tank. Have carefully connected it 
to fuel tank and fuel lines, installed all the needed wiring and included a 
oil pressure and inertia safety switch’s.

The last step I have yet to complete, is to connect a wire to an “ignition 
ON +12 volts” supply.

Looking at the factory fuse box in our ‘65 Monza, the only connection point 
that I think might provide an ignition ON 12 volts supply, is the the fused 
connection for the windscreen wipers. It occurred to me, that this might 
work, but of course if the windscreen wipers also function in the ‘accessory 
position’ of the ignition as well as the ‘on’ position then I this 
connection point will not work.

1/ I know it’s a simple question, but do Corvair wipers operate in the 
ignition switch ‘accessory’ position?

2/ If the wipers do function in the accessory position and I can’t of course 
use this as wiring point. If this is the case, can anyone suggest an 
alternative easy to access point to wire my electric fuel pump to?

Hope I have explained the above well enough and hope someone can assist me 
in completing this electric fuel pump installation.
Regards from a hot Australia. It’s summer ‘down under’
Carl Kelsen

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