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Arlette Pat & Carl Kelsen arlettecarl at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 18 18:52:46 EDT 2020

G’day everyone,
I am posting the following with real ‘caution’ as it is my first post in more than a few months. Above all I don’t want to offend anyone and I really look forward to the day when the United States can return to normal. That said, given the continuing spread of Corona virus though out the USA. I now believe that it could be as long as 4 or 5 years before normal returns.

>From a personal point of view, I am not making any plans to visit the USA during 2021, Australias international carrier, Qantas Airways has parked / moth balled its whole fleet of Airbus A380 aircraft and does not see these aircraft returning to service for 3 or 4 years. Currently scheduled flights are not operated to the USA and there is no indication as when these flights might again be offered.

A couple of months back I raised my serious concern for the well being of the United States. At the time I don’t believe that many Americans really appreciated just how serious and dangerous the Corona virus is. At the risk of getting political, President Donald Trump seems to still have difficulty understanding the impact of this virus and history will remember him for his failed attempts to continually water down the seriousness of the virus.

Bryan raises a good question asking how his fellow Virtualvair members are handling their Corvair projects / restorations during these difficult times. Following my wife’s advice, I try to keep a list of the many small tasks that I need to complete before moving to the next stage of the ground up restoration of our RHD ‘65 Monza convertible. I enjoy ticking these tasks off as I complete each one off them.

Certainly I find focusing on individuals tasks / jobs rather than looking at the complete restoration really helpful. Where I live in Australia, we have been living for months under quite limiting restrictions. These restrictions impact considerably on our lives and basically we live in real isolation, however for most of Australia the spread of this virus has slowed to by world standards very small numbers.

While isolated, its probably good for our metal health if nothing else to become focused on our Corvair projects. In Australia we have not been able to dine out, attend sporting events, or go to the movies for many months now. With these restrictions we should have more time to progress our Corvair restorations and prepare for the time when we can again enjoy classic car shows and conventions.

For now PLEASE stay isolated as much as possible and when isolation is not possible wear a mask, so that you don’t add to the spread of this terrible virus which is changing the world as I write is post.

Best regards from Australia down under for my valued American friends. Let’s look forward to when this virus can be remembered as a bad dream.
Carl Kelsen
Melbourne, Victoria Australia
RHD 1965 Monza convertible

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